The Everest Test

In April '09, a group of 40+ bright, focused professionals will head to the Himalayan mountains to trek to Everest Base Camp for a world record attempt, raising £250,000 for Sport Relief and Himalayan UK in the process. The world record attempt is to play a full game of Twenty20 cricket at Gorak Shep (a large plateau just below Base Camp). As part of the support team, I will be training and fundraising alongside my full-time job and studying for a Postgrad busy, busy......

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Awe inspiring

Yesterday, we had the final expedition meeting, which was by turns, exciting, scary and fun....but above all, awe-inspiring!

Having over 50 people with a common goal in one room is pretty great. We've all worked hard in different ways to get to where we are today. However, no-one has worked quite as hard and with the same dedication as Kirt and Wes. The two boys stood up yesterday and put our minds at rest about a number of issues that I'm sure we've all been thinking about; how much money should we take, will the cooks keep us safe from stomach problems, but most importantly - how many pairs of underpants should we take? It seems that Chris Martin can't make his own underpant calls.

It has to be said that Kirt wasn't looking his most sprightly. Tan aside, after a quick jaunt to Kathmandu, he looked like a few good hours kip wouldn't do him any harm. But the atmosphere of the final meeting was enough to keep him focused and on form. It is staggering to think of the amount of work that Kirt and Wes have put into this trip. From the perspective of most of the expedition members, they've worked their nuts off to get sponsorship, permission, logistics, and much more sorted out, but our perspective only gives us the tip of the iceberg. I can't fathom the long days and sleepless nights that this trip has kindly given them.

We all had the pleasure of the scare tactics of our medical team. Breck, Isla, Nick and Ian gave us a quick rundown of the changes we can expect to experience in our bodies. These ran from the expected and mundane dehydration, to the less appetising worms. Worms were delightfully illustrated to us by a shocking picture of a woman (I think - lack of hair), legs akimbo, with, what looked like, lots of spaghetti protruding from her rear end. Unfortunately, I didn't realise what I was looking at until, closely studying the picture, the true extent of the horror slapped me upside the head! According to Nick, it is almost guaranteed that we won't suffer this fate.....I'm not sure if that just means that we won't be photographed in that state!

The medical chats were sobering, but didn't seem to be enough to quell the excitement that was clearly spreading across the gang. We're just 10 short days away from setting off and now we're very clear of the risks we're taking, but still counting down the days until takeoff.

This is going to me awesome and I'm excited beyond belief. At the moment, there's nothing else happening in the world.

(except the 6000 word assignment that I have to hand in before we go - ARGH!)

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Not long now.....

It's almost a year since this adventure started and that time has flown by. It's now only around 5 weeks until we head off for the adventure of a

Accordingly, exercise has become a huge part of my life and I'm enjoying Trim Trails, exercise classes and the gym. I say "enjoying"....., I mean "getting through and feeling better for it".

What I did enjoy this weekend was a great 10 mile walk in the North Downs! Organised by Brooks, a bunch of intrepid Trektators got the train down to Gomshall and took in the fresh non-London air - beautiful! It would be remiss of me not to mention the hard work that Lucy put into it all - sending emails, planning the route, checking train times and ticket prices, bringing the map. Oops, my mistake, that's not what happened.....Lucy left the map next to her bed! Luckily after a few frantic phone calls, lovely medic Isla confirmed that she had brought a map to be on the safe side.

So, we get to Gomshall and meet up with Isla and Vicks, who drove to the station. It turns out that Vicks car doubles as a cafe and came complete with tea and biscuits - awesome!

The walk was brilliant - 10 short miles and not one of them was in the wrong direction! Oops again - that's not what happened! I'm pretty sure that every group of walkers we came across, we had to ask for directions - including asking a group of 13 year olds! It's a mystery where we actually walked, but Zooby's phone-tracker thingy seems to think that we did do 10 miles and we ended up where we started, so small things like 'going the right way' don't really matter.

The day was topped off nicely with some beers in Clapham whilst (trying) to watch the England/Ireland game in the pub (small TVs, no sound). We also met up with the entirely sober Drovers! All credit to the Drovers boys, they really made an effort with their outfits - particularly Toad from Wind in the Willows - I only wish I'd taken a picture!

The countdown has started...........

Friday, 16 January 2009

Hit the skids

It's been a while since the last post and I can only say it's been a pretty rough last month or so.

Around a week before Christmas my flat got burgled and the thieving b*****d took all of my jewellery as well as my laptop - which meant I had no access to the internet and no opportunity to do blog updates.

Then, on Christmas eve, my treasured grandmother became critically ill and, after slowly deteriorating, passed away last Friday. The culmination of a truly awful Christmas and the death of a much-loved family member has left me drained and very out of sorts.

BUT - there's no time for slouching with the Everest Test less than 3 months away, so come Monday, I'm going to be back in the game, digging deep, pushing forward, moving on and generally working my arse off to get fit and ready for the big challenge.

Have a good weekend all x

Thursday, 27 November 2008

My first Trim Trail

With great trepidation, I arrived at Trim Trail last night...... I had been meaning to go for a few weeks, but illness and college work had kept me away, but finally the day had come.

So, was it as bad as I'd let my imagination believe? Thankfully, no! It was tough, muddy, sweaty, did I mention tough?

Tom guided us through a multitude of exercises, many I've instantly wiped from my memory for fear of recurring nightmares. Although there is clearly a lot of work I have to do to be half-way fit enough for the trip, I didn't feel like it was entirely out of my grasp. I would even go so far as to say that I enjoyed it!

Now, I'm just left to psyche myself up for the running Trim Trail on Monday night and I'll soon be honed and this space ;)

Thursday, 13 November 2008

No pressure then.....

So, in 5 months time, we'll be among the Himalayan Mountains, trekking up to Base Camp to undertake a World Record Attempt. That's pretty huge!

Before that mega challenge, there are a couple of smaller challenges to overcome along the way, namely to get fit and to raise £1500 for charity. Now it's winter and my default setting has kicked in; stay in and keep warm or hit the pub - actually hitting the pub is my year-round default position.

But not this year (well, not from here on out, anyway)! In a bid to get fit, I'm committing to attend Trim Trail on a Wednesday evening and Saturday morning whenever possible and to start back up at Running Club on a Tuesday evening. I used to be pretty fit - it can't be that hard to get back (can it?!?!?!).

In further bids to get myself back in the training game I've signed up for the Bath Half Marathon in March and the Grim run in December. Grim is less than 1 month away, so I'd better get moving.......literally!